Silverwing Offensive
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Main Leader

Lyiara Moonsong


Night Elf

Base of operations

Stars' Rest, Dragonblight


None - Dead



The Silverwing Offensive is the new sister guild to the Silverwing Sentinels and the
Darnassian response to the Northrend Expedition. We fight under the banner of the
Darnassus and not the Alliance and we do it with our own purposes and goals.
The guild mainly consists of sentinels but priests and druids are also VERY welcome.

"Our main goal is to restore the balance in Northrend, and balance may only be restored once
the human betrayer king has fallen. " -Lyiara


The Silverwing Offensive accept: Night Elves and ancient Night Elven allies. No Deathknights

(Dryads, Faerie dragons, Furbolgs, Ancients, Treants, Keepers of the grove. Misc. Animals )

How to join:You join ICly ingame, contact "Lyiara" (me) if your interested.



Sentinel Ranks:
Warriors, Rogues, Hunters.

• Outrunner: First Rank - Essentially scouts and couriers, these Sentinels wear leather armour and avoid combat.

• Sentinel: Secound rank - The rank and file of the Sentinels. Most Sentinels never rise above this rank, so some may
be veterans with vast experience. They may wear leather, mail or even plate.

• Huntress: Third Rank - The elite of the Sentinels, fighters of outstanding skill with long combat experience. They traditionally ride into battle on Nightsabers, and keep owls as companions to scout for them. Many wear plate armour.

• Sentinel Captain: A Huntress with the skills and experience to lead Sentinels in battle. The main officer rank.

• Commander: A senior officer, doubtless with millennia of experience and an outstanding military record.

• General: Guild Master.

Other Ranks:
Priests, Druids

• Druid

•Arch Druid

• Priestess

• Protector of nature (Misc. rank)