Marg, son of Murgosh.Edit

Marg was born in a hut back on Draenor 40 years ago. Being the son of Karzghasha, and Murgosh(Later on to become Murgosh Scourgecrush) Marg never knew his father, as he left for the war against the humans on Azeroth shortly after Marg was born. Therefore Marg constantly feels a deep hatred against the Alliance. Marg has inheritated many features of his father, both their faces looked alike, his great size, his unnatural strength, and ofcourse, the hatred for humans. As Marg grew older, he trained to become a warrior, having usually a feet or two above his friends, they all respected him as a giant protector, and a friend. When the third war occured, Marg was one to drink the demon blood.

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