Malk'toir was the Companion of Log'toir and is his bodyguard aswell as childhood friend.
Malk'toir pissed.

Brief HistoryEdit

Malk'toir was rescued as a cub as his mother was killed by the party of orcs that Log'toir escaped with for food. Log'toir found the frighten cub and comforted him, They became friends since. Everyone would scold Log for having such "Monster" around but Log would ignore them. As Thrall finally organised the Horde and gained ships, Log knew they wouldn't accept him so he stuck him in a crate (Log also has done this again with hiding a human named Yakob in a crate from his clanmates). They crashed on a uncharted island and Malk was free again. After Sen'jin joined with the Horde, One troll tried to eat Malk but was cut short as Log (being a teenager at time) hit him in the head with a rock twice and ironically let Malk eat the corpse.


Malk'toir eventually died by the axe of Gorrsheer, A friend of Log's that died and was ressurected by scourge. Malk died saving Log's life, Log has sworn vengeance on all who was attacking.


Malk'toir is lovable to any fellow friends or animals, But is aggressive when harmed or any of his fellow friends are harmed (Much like Log'toir).


-Has been held by Thrall at a young age.

-Unlike other bears he will be passonite towards Smaller, Inferior animals.