Alliance 32 Akanndarlari 'Akanni' Lavglade


Captain of the Silverwing Sentinels




Night Elf

Character class

Hunter, Tracker, Wrath-Logo-Small Beastmaster


Darnassus, Alliance, Silverwing Sentinels, Moonrise Offensive, Nightfall Custodians


Wrath-Logo-SmallCaptain of the Silverwing Sentinels Bc iconWanderer and traveller; of dark decents.


Wrath-Logo-SmallIcecrown, Northrend and Crystalsong Forest.




Laryllan (Brother, Alive)


Lyiara (Presumed Deceased)

Akanndarlari Lavglade, or by friends, 'Akanni, was a rare male Sentinel in the Darnassian armies. He was a proud and dashing Kal'dorei, and no doubt popular in his society. His father died recently, after becoming weak from the war against the Burning Legion, and all he had left was his mother, another Sentinel who also fought in the war. His mother was heartbroken, and one day ran away from their homeland to become a cultist of C'Thun, believing he could bring back her husband. Akanni, being a mummy's boy, followed her, using his tracking skills to help him. He found his mother crazed and phyco, his mother grabbed a knife, trying to kill Akanni with it. Akanni fought back, eventually having to kill her to 'save her' from the corruption. For years, he grieved, becoming a wanderer with the most unexpected of folk; mainly Gregenath and Morleru.

He cut off connection with the Night Elves for years, ashamed with what he had to do. Although, he missed his old life, that of a loyal and trustworthy friend. The only friend he had was Astonish, a large sabretooth he had befriended in his wandering. He found a man named Celefos, in the glade after travelling through the Outland, staying at Shattrath City for a few days. There, he joined the Nightfall Outrunners, who eventually went to fight Illidan Stormrage himself, which he experienced the death of with his own eyes.

Akanni went back to Darnassas afterwards, his deeds in Outland making him somewhat more confident of himself. He rejoined the Silverwind Sentinels, were Lyiara quickly helped and trained him in the harsh land of Northrend, eventually promoting him to Captain. Lyiara's group was attacked, and Akanni was split off from them, presuming them now deceased.

He ran to Wintergarde Keep, where he found Celefos who was recreating the offensive which he made in Outland; the Nightfall Custodians. They did some work in the Grizzly Hills to help the furbolg there, which they spent working on for a long time. Although, Akanni wanted more action, he pleaded to the Night Elven society to help the offensive more, so they put him in the Moonrise Offensive; the Night Elf offensive that was led by a druid named Maforis. He was Captain Akanni Lavglade of the Silverwing Senintels.

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